Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Hey guys, Olivia here! Today I shall be blogging about the first inter-generation club her at Cefn Fforest primary and about Pudsey Bear day!

Although the club happened on 15 November I decided I would inform you about it!  There was about 7 ladies show up along with their carers! We played bingo with them and also Pudsey Bear!
We also played connected four, Jenga, Guess who, Scrabbble and Dominos. We had food with them along with some of the teachers.

So as said before in this blog Pudsey Bear day was on 15 November. Classes came up with ideas to raise money. Mrs Roden-Sharpe's class made Rocky Roads, Mr Stone's went on the wii, Mr Johnson's class did guess which square pudsey is in, Miss James's class Muffins and Mrs Kemp's class made Badges and Book marks ( there was lots of other classes but its to much to list)!

This was quite a short blog but I just wanted to keep you updated!

Blog again soon,

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