Thursday, 6 June 2013

Jump Rope For Heart

These are children from 5/6LS

On Thursday the 23rd of May we had a jump rope for heart. We had to raise money for equipment. All of the classes had one hour to go round a circuit that Miss James set for us we would have things like limbo under a big rope we also had game cards that we had to try and do then after we did the circuit   the teachers got a big rope and then they did a competition.After that we all had a tiptop each they were very yummy he he.We all loved it and we hope we could have another one next year!


  1. Did you have a fun time ? I did just looking at the picture

    sheziya john bramston primary school

  2. Looks like you had great fun. How long did it take to get around the course

  3. WOW! Did you actually jump in your tip toes!!??

    Sadia Jhon Bramston primary school