Thursday, 20 June 2013

Sports Day

Hi guys! Olivia and Taylah here along with Leah and Keira. On 19th june from 9:30 until 12 noon we held sports day on the infant field ( Luckily the weather was on ourside!). On the field were all the classes from nursery to year 6. There was a numerous amount of competitions ranging from the sprint to obstical courses. When you came either 1st, 2nd or 3rd you would win a certain amount of points for your house which would either be Green, Red, Yellow or Blue. The winning team of sports day was ...    Yellow with 480 points, followed by Red with 429 points, then Green with 283 points and Blue with 218 points.

Here's what Keira and Leah thought about sports day. Keira said "It was a bit boring after a while because we just had to sit there and do nothing but when you took part it was fun". Leah said "Sports day was fun when you were in it but after a while we got quite hot and bothered". Taylah said "I loved sports day at first, but it was a hot day and we had to wait around alot. When I done my race which was skipping although I didn't Win. When i had finished racing I got quite bored because I had to sit and watch again".

 If we were to improve sports day we would let everyone have a go at more races and have more interesting races. 
Overall we had a good sports day and we all had fun!

                                                                   We will blog again soon,

                                                                   Taylah,Olivia,Leah and Keira

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