Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Cefn Fforest trip to London Day 1

Hi its Dan here! On March the 26th at 8:00 am we went to London (we were all so exited). Firstly we went to pick up Coed-y-Bryn Primary School, then we were on our way.

Our first stop was at the Natural History Museam, as soon as we walked in there was a GIGANTIC dinosaur. Next we all split up into groups it was Mr Evans's group and Mr Stone's group joined together, Mrs Farmer's group joined Mrs Kemp's group but went round the dinosaur exhibition together, after that the two groups split. Weirdly the both went to the same place in the museam,they went to the volcanoes and earthquakes exbidition (the boys were late for the bus :)).

After the Museam we crossed London to get to Covent Gardens! The atmosphere was electric, there were stalls everywhere people shouting, screaming and yelling hoping that somebody would buy their product(s).

Next it was tea time! In Planet Hollywood there was facanating objects everywhere (everywhere). On the menu there was a choice of cheeseburgers, plainburgers, veggieburgers or pasta, the meals were massive.

After that we went to the amazing thing that is... The Lion King! It had amazing costumes (the whole thing was people, amazing). I loved it I would rate it 10/10 because they followed the storyline of the The Lion King but they put their own twist on it. We eventuly got back to the hotel about eleven'o'clock.  

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