Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Before we begin anything, let us introduce our 'friend to be', Simon Pridham who has written a guide to use an iPad. He is the king of Learning and teaching in the form of I.C.T! We hope to purchase more copies so we can get the whole school reading and learning! It features lots of apps such as Aurasma, Red Laser, Twitter and so much more. We think that this book inspiring because it features all that we have learnt and we can share it with others!

Hi Guys,
Its Liam Cassley, Ella Davies, Olivia Prichard and we're the Digital Ambassadors of Cefn Fforest Primary for this year. As we've already talked about, we have purchased the amazing guide called 'Freaked Out!' This will really help us to create and reform our Digital Leaders. Luckily for us, it explains all of what Digital leaders are and what we do. Quite simply we can share this by adding our own organization and making it public. We have followed on this information and idea to a close school called Millbrook Primary which we are hoping to do a project with in the future about I.C.T. The pattern that we both have followed includes the system of:

  1. Begin by becoming a Digital Apprentice (Year 3)
  2. Follow on in your new school year by becoming a Digital Leader (Year 4)
  3. Learn new skills but you will still be a Digital Leader (Year 5)
  4. Become a Digital Ambassador or a Year 6 Digital Leader and become in charge of I.T in your school before you make the jump to comp! (Year 6)

 Now over to the most exciting news..........Our Digital Ambassadors and our amazing I.C.T teacher, Mr Stone, have been lucky enough to have the chance to Skype the king....Simon Pridham! On Tuesday we are preparing for an exciting call with him where we can talk about his fantastic book and ideas for the Digital Leaders.
Bye Guys, Hope you get some useful tips from us
We can't wait for our chat with Simon,
Liam, Ella, Olivia!


  1. Hope your having a great time as digital leaders! I miss the school loads! From Olivia. L

  2. Thanks Liv We miss you 2 xxx Olivia. P and Ella. D