Monday, 27 October 2014

'Freaked Out' Book Review

Hiya guys,

Recently, we have come across a AMAZING book called 'Freaked Out' by Simon Pridham. It explains everything from turning an iPad on to security and control. It's got everything you need to know about using an iPad. This book gives us a clear step-by-step guide of all the apps we have in school. It's SO EASY to follow, even the TEACHERS could follow it! :) Our favourite part of this incredible book is the guide to using the app 'Aurasma' because it tells you how to create an account and make your object pop out and show on your screen. It was so clearly explained.

As the book says technology has developed since the last decade. It has a whole chapter about the digital leader system and great apps that they could learn how to use. They could teach other children that are maybe a lower level in I.C.T.
Whether you don't really know anything about iPads or I.C.T or are looking to improve what you already know, this book will really help you because it tells you these following things: How to download apps, How to put it on sleep, Use siri and loads more! Another FANTASTIC thing about this book is the fact that is interactive! This means that you don't always have to read to get the right information. Throughout this book, QR Codes have been placed so that you can get the information're learning is instant. We love the way that the Digital Leaders are used in the videos and tutorials too! Great idea!!!!

We hope to purchase more copies so we can get the whole school reading and learning TOGETHER! This book is really useful for all ages and is available to buy so go and get your copy now!! Thank you to Mr Stone for purchasing this first copy, it has already helped us loads!

By (Year 6 Digital Ambassadors) Liam Cassley, Olivia Prichard & Ella Davies.

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