Wednesday, 20 March 2013

App Review's

Hi guys! Blogging today to review the apps: Grammar wonderland and Math master. Tested them out and  both apps are  quite good!

Grammar Wonderland

Grammar wonderland is an app that helps you with your literacy. There are a range of games on every world. There are three worlds and as you get on to new worlds the game gets harder. On every level the activities  vary, some work on nouns some work on adjectives. There are levels were you are under water and have to swim into nouns that describe 1 thing or more than 1 thing. There are also levels were you have to flick biscuits to the parrot but only if they are describing words. Overall we would rate this app 4/5 stars!

Maths Master

Maths master is an app which focuses on maths. You get a certain amount of time were you have to try and answer as many questions as you can. You can choose Easy, Medium or Hard. Medium is the level I would recommend as it is not to hard but harder than easy if you find easy not so challenging.
Overall we would rate this app 4/5 stars!

Both apps are really good and hope you enjoy them if you download them!

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