Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Mother's Day tea party

World book day was a great day for all of the school. The book fair came to school and lots of people bought a book. For World book day we all dressed up as our favorite character from a book, there were lots of Wally's in school that day! Ha ha. Daniel dressed as Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit, he looked amazing! We even had a Phantom of the Opera costume!!!!! Check out our moodle page for photos from the day.

Mother`s day tea party was held on Friday 8th, the same day as Fairtrade Friday! Year 5 and 6 were sad to see Miss Fuller, their French teacher leave due to other commitments but we made amazing cards for here and gave her gifts to say thank you for doing such a brilliant job.In the afternoon, Mothers had cake, tea or coffee and had a good old gossip! The mothers really enjoyed themselves and we took plenty of photos of the mother`s having fun. They're also on our Moodle page for you to look at.

Fair trade Friday gave everybody the chance to buy something from the tuck shop in the library. They could buy Fairtrade kit Kats,  pineapple or bananas.We also dressed up in blue, black or green as they are the Fairtrade colours.

What a super day we all had!  Bring on Comic Relief 80's style!!!!!!!!

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