Saturday, 16 March 2013

RND 2013

Wow! What a Red Nose Day 2013 we had! Where do we start?!
Well, we all dressed up 80's style with bright colours, tutus and big hair (the teachers did it too! ha ha). Everyone looked amazing! We also had Mr T (Daniel L), Michael Jackson (Ieuan D) and even Rocky Balboa (Gabriel D)! We all made a real effort - it was 'Do something for money' after all!

For the rest of the day children baked cakes, sold items they had made or brought from home and just had lots of fun!

In the morning, Year 5 and 6 had a mini World Record Challenge - coin spin was won by Joseph C who managed to spin a coin for nearly 16 seconds and Cameron and Callum won the Leap Frog Challenge with 42 leaps in 1 minute.

The highlight of the day was the pie throwing in the afternoon. Children bought raffle tickets for the chance to throw a foam pie at one of the teachers. The teachers who volunteered were Mr Johnson, Miss James Miss Williams, Mrs Bishop and Mr Cullen (who dressed as Superman). It was so funny!!! The foam was everywhere! Check out our Twitter page: @Cefnprimary for photos of the teachers getting covered in foam!

We would just like to say thank you everybody who donated money or did something to raise money today, it was brill!

Well done everyone!

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  1. looks like you guys had a fun red nose day! The pie throwing event sounds very fun.