Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Legacy Games

Hey guys its Joe and Dan here! On Wednesday we went to the Legacy Games in Cardiff indoor athletics center. We went into our school hall and painted Czech Republic flags on our faces because it was like the Olympics and we were Czech Republic. Lots of schools went, even welsh schools were there!

We got there by a mini bus, when we got there we were colossally exited. We went upstairs to get to where our school should be sitting then a man talked about what we were going to do and things. Then everyone did a lap of the circuit for our opening evening evryone went mental ha ha!

Our first event that we did was takwondo we did a couple of punches and a lot of kicks some of the kicks that we did were side kick and front kick. We only had 20 minutes but it was still amazing. The next activity that we did bowls but you had to sit down we we were playing against Cwmcarn primary school.

Then we played tennis we did a warm up then we played skittles which is a game when the boys go over to one side of the net and the girls on the other then the girls had to hit the boys and the boys are not aloud to move then we switched so the boys had to hit the girls after the we partnerd up and hit the ball across the net to each other we did that for the rest of te activity. Next we did Netball we played a game like bulldogs but nobody was on it it was extremely fun then we split up to 4 teams and we played a game.

Then we had lunch for half an hour then we went out to play hockey we had a practise how to hold a Hockey stick propoly then we partnerd up and had a race against other pairs it was ezhilarating we all loved it. The next activity was rugby againts Cwmcarn our school had a Boys and a Girls team when Daniel was playing for us and he had the ball and bumbed his chin and his gums were bleading but it was still amazing.

After that we went back inside we did Javelin and Long jump in the sand lots of people did amazing throws some people even beat the teacher! Most people beat  the teacher, the teacher wanted us to go miles. Then we did the long jump but it was a standing start george went really far and others went extreamly far some people went two metres.

Then we did Rowing. First of all we did a mini circut first one of the stops were squats then it was press ups with some of the boys they made it harder and put there hands in a diamond shape and the last one was keeping our knees up high so we would jog keeping our knees up high then we would do it as quick as we could. Then we went on to a Rowing machine and Rowed for about two minutes flat then had a break and had another go it was amazing.

The last activitie that we did was Gymnastics we had a walk around the mat first of all ( it felt like jelly ) Then we split into groups and used springboards it was extremely fun I enjoyed it. Then we did not use the springboard and did rolly polies, handstands and cartweels on the mat.

Finnaly we had the ending ceremony everybody was really tired so it was not as mad as the opening ceremony, then we went on the bus and went home.

                                                 Thanks guys for reading!!
                                                            Joe & Dan       

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