Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Art exhibition

Hey guys! Its Joseph and Daniel here! on the 16/4/13 we had our art exhibition in the hall, there was tea, buiscits and everything you could imagine. Everybody who had a piece of art in the exhibition tried extremely hard, we had a auction and the auctioniers were Olivia Lane and Milly Davies, one of the paintings in the auction was sold for £9.00 that was by Phoebie Hopkins and another was sold for £7.00 which was by Holly McDonald! OMG!!!!

On most of the paintings/drawings the were QRcodes which you can create on an app called Qrafter. It is a very usefull because you can create them, you can scan them and you can stick them on work. There were three settees in the exhibition and aswell as two benches.

Guys please leave a comment or ask a question about our favourite piece of art. Thanks for reading, Joe and Dan.  

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