Wednesday, 17 April 2013

World war II

Hey guys! Olivia and Taylah here! On friday 13/04/13 we had a visitor 'which time travelled' from world war II. Her name was Mrs Gladys Jones and she told us all about The Blitz which is our new topic in school.She came to our school in a Welfare officers uniform and she also brought with her a navy uniform, an R.A.F uniform, a millitary captains uniform and a soliders uniform.

There was volenteers to do a shouting competition. One of the girls pertended to be an air raid siren and another girl pretended to wind the siren ( which was her arm). Then the women asked for a boy and a girl volenteer to pretend to be doing an air raid drill which ment they had to crawl under a table. A boy stood up and put a police helmet on ( which was a metal police helmet from the blitz and then the lady dropped a tin can on his head).

What was your favourite part of your week? Leave your answers in the comments!

Thats all from us for now, hope you enjoyed reading our blog!

Olivia and Taylah

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