Sunday, 14 April 2013

Our first assembly

Hey guys! Dan, Holly, Mason and Joe here! We had our first ever Digital leaders assembly yesterday with Mr Stone, it was so fun. We talked about our moodle site ( to show the Year 3 and 4 children how it worked. We showed them the front page where it shows the race for attendance, the first and second newspaper issues, our twitter posts including our followers and the school news part.

We talked about all the different links to different websites such as cool maths games, wordle, maths fun and woodland games which are all on our Kids zone part, our Audio Boo site (where we interviewed Mrs Farmer), IT zone and our own Digital Leaders Blog spot ( We have nearly 600 views!!! 

We also popped in and out of some of the different classrooms like Miss James and Mr Stone’s classrooms to show the younger children how to get into the classrooms and what they could do in the classrooms. There’s a wall were they can post different things like a wall on Facebook , they can see what their homework is in the home and school work area and we have a gallery were they can look at photos and videos about the things that they have been up to.
We really enjoyed doing the assembly and are looking forward to meeting the Governors in May. We’re showing them the Moodle site and how the iPads work.

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