Saturday, 27 April 2013

Inter-generation iPad club

Cefn Fforest’s Digital Leaders have been working hard this week organising their first club as Digital Leaders.  They decided that it would be a good idea to get parents, grandparents and family members involved in what they have been doing by setting up an iPad club.
The aim is to work with the adults, showing them how we use iPads in our school but also to show them how iPads can be used on a daily basis in their own lives. The club will look at many things ranging from simple navigation around the iPad to using specific apps in terms of how they work and what can be produced. The DL’s will also teach the adults how to use safari and what can be done with photos and videos that have been taken. The club will hopefully strengthen links with our families but also give the DL’s more responsibility and more of an opportunity to develop their own skills.

 With the club running once a month it won’t be too onerous for the DL’s and will ensure they have the time to complete their ever growing list of responsibilities. They’re doing an amazing job and they absolutely love being DL’s. They constantly look for things to do and get on with their jobs with real purpose and enjoyment. The way they are going they won’t need a mentor at all!!!!
If anyone runs a club like this at the moment and have any advice please feel free to comment on this post or catch us on twitter @cefnprimary or to speak to me specifically @cefnprimaryls

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