Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Hey guys! Olivia and Taylah here! Today (10/7/13) all the digital leaders (Olivia,Taylah,Holly,Dan,Joe and mason) visited blackwood comp. We went to Blackwood comp because we went to an ICT workshop and the year ten’s showed us this new app on the computers called scratch, it was so fun to learn off them. On Scratch you can make differnt scenes with different animals, you can even design games on there ( we made a game of space raders). We were there along with another 17 pupils from various different schools. Heres what Daniel thought ” It was amazing to learn how to use and fun to make games on!”

We are currently trying to download scratch onto our computers in school! We think everybody there had a great time!

Olivia and Taylah

P.S. Sorry its such a short blog but nothing much apart from that happened!

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