Friday, 5 July 2013

Taekwon do comes to Cefn Fforest

Hi guys its  Dan, Holly and Joe and  here!  On Monday the 1st of July taekwondo came to our school we had a half an hour session learning diffrent kicks, punches and self defence.

Our first thing that we learnt was a punch we punched the bags then we did another punch which was extremely amazing. Then we did some kicks the first one that we did was a front kick, you had to put your knee and kick keep your toes back and and hit the bag. 

 We also did self defence so basically what to do if somebody grabs you or tries to hurt you.He showed us this one spot that really hurts if you pinch it ( Somebody did it to me and I nealy cried ) :( then he tought us another one when if somebody grabs you from the front you can get out of it by getting your hand and pushing it against somebody elses hand and then their hand should have let go.

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