Monday, 15 July 2013

Southerndown Beach Trip

Hey guys! Its Dan and Joe here. On the 8th of July year five and six went to southerndown beach by Bridgend. At first we walked down tothe beach and then everyone put suncream on then jumped in the water, some people went looking for crabs and other people dug holes and squirted people with water guns LOL!

After that we all had lunch some people  played tennis, Rugby and Football, others kept looking for Crabs in the rockpools.Meanwhile beach ball set off to sea and Mr Evans tried to catch it but it sadly floated off.

After that we all went into the sea and we got extremely wet some people went underneath the water after that we all came back up from the sea and got dressed then had a ice cream and some people had a drink then we all had a walk back up to the bus and went home.

                                                                   Thanks guys bye
                                                                      Dan and Joe

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